157Tech – evolving tech!


157Tech offers the latest, state-of-the-art technology, which turns your home or office into a luxurious, convenient, and unique living space.

Whether you are a technology buff, or just prefer technology as a way to convenience, 157Tech offers a wide range of solutions, from easy-to- use smart switches to all-in-one touch screens. Our solutions are dedicated to the seamless infusion of technology with day-to-day living within the home or office to create a lifestyle totally unique to each individual.

In simple terms, we create the convenience of being able to do so much using an application on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: controlling electrical lighting systems to controlling the entertainment and audio system, state of the art security systems, access control and climate control systems.

157Tech is also a creative and digital marketing agency. We create value for our customers.

Strategy comes first. What follows is magic! To ensure maximum ROI is delivered, we create the identity and campaigns to tap into changing technologies, demographics, business models and global trends. Our goal is not just to influence but to inspire customers to engage with our clients’  brands and build lasting relationships.

We make brands work!

Interested in working with 157Tech?

At 157Tech, we are guided by a set of values and we have the integrity to responsibly take on challenges! If you’d be thrilled to work with a dedicated, talented and relentlessly resourceful team, don’t hesitate to contact us!